by Kara Monterey

(For me it’s 1 – 6pm, not Sunday evening but otherwise, I think she got it just right.)

I always feel lonely on Sunday nights

And have never quite figured out why

And the more beautiful the evening breeze

The sadder I feel

Which makes no sense at all

It’s the kind of loneliness that has nothing to do

With actually being alone

Surrounding myself with family and friends

Is just a temporary distraction

It’s like I desperately miss something

That I can’t define

Or even remember

Or maybe I just start missing everything

I’ve ever lost in life

All at once

The innocence, the people, the memories

Use the slowness of Sundays to haunt me

I don’t really know

I don’t really understand

I just know even on the best Sundays

I feel a little bit sad

And I think I always will