The Consolation of the Vineyard



Today somebody asked me why the Gospel of the workers in the vineyard that we hear this Sunday is one of my favourites (Matthew 20.1-16). It took me a minute then I said, “I find it a consolation and an encouragement that God’s ways are not our ways.”

It is no secret that social media can fuel comparison and comparison makes us miserable. Most of us identify with the worker who showed up first thing in the morning so we resent that those who worked less got the same money. But we got the money we expected. We were dealt with justly. It’s only when we compare that we become miserable. Comparison turns our blessings into want, our gratitude into resentment. When I hear this Gospel, right away I think, don’t compare, God knows what each of us needs. And then I think a bit more altruistically. Who knows how much those other workers have suffered? Maybe they really need this break. I’ve gotten a break or a windfall at other times. Good for them. This Gospel softens me. That’s why I like it.